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Wright talks about how the criminal uses the money from the robbery because they needed for important reasons and not just materialistic things. “l don’t think there is any one factor that precipitates the commission of a crime…. hink it’s just the conditions. think the primary factor is just being without. Rent is coming up. A few months ago, the landlord was gonna put us out, rent due, ou know. Can’t get no money no way else. Ask family and friends, you might try a few other ways of getting the money, and as last resort, I know I can go get some money [by committing an armed robbery]. (Wright 447) I agree with this idea because I truly don’t believe the first instinct a person gets is to rob.

I feel they get trapped in a situation which is either they have no income , they no financial resources that can help them so they become desperate and think of quick fixes and get driven off the thrill and adrenaline it causes so therefore it becomes addicting. In the “Choosing the Target’ section, it talks bout how the offenders choose their victims whether they are criminals they are robbing “Cl like robbing] they drug dealers [because] it satisfies two things for me: my thirst for drugs and the financial aspect. I can] actually pay my rent, pay for my things like that too. ]” (Maze 449). These offenders choose other criminals who are drug dealers so they are able to keep up with their high they also realize they can take care of themselves and their bills but also have to be extra cautious the criminal may or may not be armed. As opposed to offenders choosing non criminals they are less dangerous “You on’t want to pick somebody dangerous they may have a gun on them” (449).

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The places these offenders even choose to commit the crime are deeply processed, they need to know how to get away, and the quickest way so they are not caught by the cops “Even those with a car often were reluctant to a journey far from their own neighborhoods because a long drive back might increase their vulnerability to apprehension” (449) Just as much as the victim is nervous so is the offender, statistics have shown that offenders have chosen white people to rob instead of black people because they are less ikely to resist which bring in that robbery is an interracial offense.

A quote that caught my eye was “Not only must offenders compel inherently reluctant victims to comply with their demands, but they must do so under considerable emotional pressure I agree with this statement ten-fold because if the victim Starts demanding things the offender has to be cautious throughout the whole “stick up”, there could even come to point when approaching the victim it’s leads into getting caught or something worse happens. The offenders have to keep in mind of their actions as well as their well-being.

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