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I gave this hazard a medium rating because if a child got cut with glass eventually the cut would heal rather than having a permanent injury from their cuts. Used needles A used needle could have diseases like HIVE on them and they could get infected. This is more dangerous to children because they’re more curious and they re unaware of the risk of used needles. 3 5 15 (Medium) gave used needles this medium rating because if a child gets pricked with it, they may develop a deadly disease like HIVE which affects them for the rest of their lives or could even shorten it Broken swing

They can get fractures and bang their head. This can be more of a risk to children because they would be too busy enjoying themselves and not realizing the swing is broken. 5 25 (High) I gave a broken swing this high rating because if a child bangs their head this could damage their brain and make them paralyses. Breaking things like their necks could also lead to disabilities and in extreme cases, death. Used condom They could put it in their mouth and get herpes from it. This is more dangerous to children because they’re naive and could mistake t for a balloon. I gave used condom this medium rating because if a child does get herpes, it can be treated but the virus will also be with them throughout their life Dog faces They could put this in their mouth or in their eyes and could be temporary blind. This is more dangerous for children because they’re more vulnerable and they have a higher curiosity at this age. 5 gave dog faces this high rating because if it gets in their eyes, it could cause temporary or permanent blindness and if it is digested, things like parasites old invade their body and this is highly dangerous for a child and could even kill them.

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