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The usage of female parent lingua in larning allows pupils to larn the lesson rapidly. It helps them to read and likely write rapidly. ( Yolanda Quijano. 1994 ) . The usage of the Filipino linguistic communication in learning develops womb-to-tomb scholars who are adept in the usage of their native linguistic communication and other linguistic communications. ( Mona Valisino. 2006 ) Using the female parent lingua of a pupil forms their critical thought accomplishments. pulling decisions and doing comparings. ( Ocampo. Fajardo. et Al. 1990 ) . Filipino was declared as the ‘lingua franca’ because it is the linguistic communication that is being spoken and understood by bulk of the Filipinos. that is why Filipino should be used in instruction. ( Dr. Rosaryo Yu. U. P. SWF ) However. the English linguistic communication is the cosmopolitan linguistic communication. It is used commercially and it is besides a factor for success in the concern universe.

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English is besides widely used as reading and instructional stuffs. Furthermore. it helps persons to be globally competitory that is why English is used as medium of direction in schools. ( Rebecca Alcantara. et Al. 1996 ) Harmonizing to the 1986 Philippine fundamental law. the Philippine educational system implemented the usage of bilingualism in all degrees of educational establishments in our state. Bilingual instruction purposes to utilize both English and Filipino as medium of direction for pupils to accomplish quality instruction with the aid of the coaction of the two linguistic communications. ( Tony Rimando. 1994. Manila bulletin ) This research aims to cognize the effects of bilingualism to the academic public presentation of the 4th twelvemonth pupil in Pasig Catholic College.

Statement of the Problem

Bilingualism is used in schools all over the Philippines as instructed by the Department of Education. One of the schools that implement bilingualism is Pasig Catholic College. In this visible radiation. the research workers would wish to place the consequence of bilingualism to the academic public presentation of 4th twelvemonth pupils in Pasig Catholic College. This survey besides aims to reply the undermentioned inquiries: a ) What are the advantages of bilingualism to the academic public presentation of the 4th twelvemonth high school pupils in Pasig Catholic College? B ) What are the disadvantages of bilingualism to the academic public presentation of the 4th twelvemonth high school pupils in Pasig Catholic College?

Significance of the Study

The research workers would wish this survey to assist Pasig Catholic College in finding the effects of bilingualism to the academic public presentation of the 4th twelvemonth high school pupils. Specifically. this subdivision will supply a brief description on the several significances of the research about the effects of bilingualism to the academic public presentation of the 4th twelvemonth high school pupils in Pasig Catholic College. This survey will be more likely to be important to the undermentioned individuals: To pupils.

This survey provides grounds to pupils about the effects of bilingualism to their academic public presentation. To instructors. This survey will help instructors to hold a deeper apprehension to the said bilingual instruction. By this survey they can come up with new learning techniques to offer their pupils a better instruction. To future research worker. This survey will profit the hereafter research workers as their usher and mention in doing a similar research. Furthermore. this survey can besides open an chance to the development of this survey.

Scope and Delimitation of the survey

This survey will cover the effects of bilingualism to the academic public presentation of the 4th twelvemonth high school pupils of Pasig Catholic College. The research workers will include different processs and. This survey will be done by selected 4th twelvemonth High School pupils during the school twelvemonth 2012-2013. The research worker will garner informations utilizing different books. cuttings. and web sites. They will besides carry on a study to be given to 4th twelvemonth high school pupils. This survey will be conducted on the school twelvemonth 2012-2013.

Chapter 2

This chapter presents gathered information which has relevancy to the survey and can function as mention in understanding the nature of the subject. The undermentioned facts and informations were collected from different books. encyclopaedia. web sites. magazines. and other thesis documents.

Related Literature

Presents. bulk of the world’s population is bilingual or multilingual than monolingual. This tendency besides positively affects cognitive abilities of people around the universe. Research workers have shown that the bilingual encephalon can hold better attending and task-switching capacities than the monolingual encephalon. Additionally. bilingualism has positive effects at both terminals of the age spectrum: Bilingual kids every bit immature as seven months can break adjust to environmental alterations. while bilingual seniors can see less cognitive diminution ( Marian. V & A ; Spivey. M. 2003 ) . Bing bilingual can hold different benefits. The betterments in thought and physical processing determined by bilingual experience may assist a bilingual individual to better procedure information in the environment. taking to a richer acquisition. This sort of improved attending to factor may assist explicate why bilingual grownups learn a 3rd linguistic communication better than monolingual grownups learn a 2nd linguistic communication ( Gollan. T. H. . & A ; Acenas. L. A. . 2004 ) .

Related Survey

Bilingualism causes misconception to pupils every bit good as to the instructors. It is besides one of the grounds why pupils could non talk English fluently. The inclination is that they mix up the two linguistic communications which consequences in “taglish” words or phrases. Students besides encounter trouble in interpreting Filipino words to English and frailty versa. Analyzing both linguistic communications at the same clip causes minimum eloquence in either Filipino or English since their focal point is non changeless in one linguistic communication. Other pupils could non show themselves in English because they are used in speech production in Filipino which consequences in being an uncompetitive pupil when it comes to English ( Madriaga. Nazareno. et Al. 2001 ) .

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