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If the thread retains its shape at the diameter of mm, it is considered plastic. The liquid limit is defined as the boundary at which a soil transitions from plastic to a semi-liquid state. Away to test the liquid limit is by dampening a sample of soil and spreading it out over a round-bottomed porcelain bowl ND cutting a groove through the center and measuring how many blows (when the bowl is lifted up and down a distance of 1 CM) it takes to fill the groove. 2. Classify soils Table 1: Soil classifications for soils A to E Soil Notes on classification Description Using particle size distribution graph; sieve #200 82% pass and sieve C 100% pass First letter is C or M use plasticity chart to determine second letter ALL = 80, Pl = 50 CHI. Clay with some sand, high plasticity, grey. Using particle size distribution graph; sieve #200 D 60% pass and sieve #4 C 00% pass Greater than 50% pass sieve #200 therefore first letter is M or C use Attributer limits to determine suffix (used a hydrometer for soil B) CLC CLC, clay and silt with some sand, low to medium plasticity, brown.

C Using particle size distribution graph; sieve #200 0 40% pass and sieve #4 93% pass First letter is G or S Sieve #4, greater than 50% pass therefore first letter is S F = 40%

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