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Haley Write Epidemiology Research Report Epidemiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the incidence, distribute Zion, and possible control of a disease. You need to at least have a Master’s Degree and you need to study a broad range of methods, such as health promotion, disease prevention n, and being able to assess the quality Of health care.

You also need simple skills like being able to create and fill out computer applications and you need to take extensive, detailing notes. The average epidemiologist makes $65,270 a year, averaging out to be about $31. 38 an hour. Typical duties an epidemiologists performs: 1) Plan and direct studies of public health problems. ) Collect and analyze data 3) Perform interviews to find the needed patterns to solve the case 4) Hold meetings to communicate their findings to health practitioners and the policymakers 5) Manage public health programs, such as clinics.

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