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This is good because it will give the children a sense of responsibility that is deed to possibly land a job and get out of poverty, which is the whole point of the program. The pillar for this is economic as it will create jobs opportunity for them. Another advantage is it provides education in caring and will enable them to get a job. This is also economic as it will give them the ability to get jobs. A final advantage is that the goat will give them hide, milk, kids, manure and other things.

This will bring the family money and get them out of poverty. This is under the social tree because it will improve their standard of living. The disadvantages are that goats will eat everything, including crops which will set your produce back. Another disadvantage is that if you have many goats, they may spread disease and that will affect your plan for them. The final disadvantage is that you need an area to raise them, with lots of grass to feed them, which might mean you have to sacrifice crops. Computer aid is a program that

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