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The use Of this char caters name was most likely an insight to lead into the climax. Another theme used I n the story “The Father”, was when the priest personally told Third, “God grant that the child may become a blessing to you! “(Bosons, page 27)Len saying this the priest sir dwell implied to the father that his child is a piece of good fortune for him and his f true. Also, that the child will teach him something of great importance within the time the eye have allotted together.

Also, theme is the main literary term amplified in this story because of hat the priest told the man after the death of Finn, “l think at last your son h as brought you a true page 29). This quote relates once again to the quote in the beginning of the story. It says that because of his sons death, the man lea Rene to love his son, and learned to value how short life may be. As well as he learned to value others lives as well as his own.

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